Take Advantage of Our Customized Cleaning Services

Take Advantage of Our Customized Cleaning Services

Design an affordable package based on your specific needs

Pay for the exact cleaning services you need. Signature Cleans LLC will develop a custom package for your rental property and budget.
Consider the following questions prior to making an appointment:

  • Will you need laundry done as part of your rental clean?
  • Do you have adequate back-up linens/towels?
  • How will Signature Cleans LLC have access to supplies that need to be stocked (such as paper towels, dish soap, toiletries, sponges…)?
  • What are your 3 top priorities when it comes to staging or guest impressions, beyond having an incredibly clean space?

These initial questions help to paint a picture of your rental property. Call 970-980-3655 now to speak with Renae about your specific cleaning needs.

Put us to work - Scheduling and Pricing

Scheduling cleans for rentals is very easy. I have come up with an easy process for owners to keep me updated on scheduled stays, times they need cleans and to streamline communication. Typically through a live Google Document that owners and Signature Cleans LLC has access to. That way we can schedule the cleans on the calendar right away. It's a great organizational tool and any other comments can be added to this document. (ie if a guest item was found, if the clean has been paid for, early check-in request...)

Every clean is unique and determining a set price is helpful by completing an initial clean as our benchmark for our services. From there, we can fine-tune your package once we understand how to work within your space's layout.

Contact us today to schedule your initial cleaning appointment.